“PROGRAMS” – The workshop, program, and lesson archives of the Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art



We kindly invite you to see the works our participants have made this fiscal year from our various workshops and lessons – at PROGRAMS.

Date and time: Saturday February 3rd through Sunday February 18th, 2024 from 10:00 – 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Special notes:
On Monday February 5th and 13th, the exhibition will be closed.
Location: At special exhibition room of the Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (Shiogama City), 30 minutes east of Sendai.
Without admission

This year’s exhibition of works done by our visiting museum visitors between April 2023 and January 2024 include activities such as our regular art workshops for calligraphy work, color pencil drawings and oil paintings, green initiatives such as communal seed-planting, and in addition, our workshops which include oil painting and flower arrangement, inspired by still life paintings of Jun Sugimura.
We also feature a variety of documented work from our youth outreach projects such as the Kodomo Tantei Jimusho (Kids’ Detective Bureau) for children, and the Bijutsu Kanshou Program, an art appreciation project aimed at Shiogama City’s primary school students.

If any of these activities interest you, feel free to ask us more about it, as we continue to plan more of these outreach projects and workshops to the public. We hope that these will spark your interest, and that we look forward to visiting us this coming fiscal year beginning April 2024!!

Contact us:sugimurajun-museum●shiomo.jp(●=@)
Translated by JUNBI Supporters