【4/20】The Hana-Akari Festival at Shiogama Jinja-shrine



The Collective Image: Lanterns by ORITA Chiaki

Contemporary artist ORITA Chiaki will exhibit lanterns adorned with her works created from documenting the “Colors of Impression” that people have collectively shared, deriving from Shiogama City’s three iconic scenes: the Shiogama cityscape, the Urato Islands, and the Shiogama Jinja-shrine.

Come and experience the colors of Shiogama for one evening only at Okama Jinja-shrine.

Date and time: April 20th 2024 (Sat) from 6pm through 8pm.
Place: Okama Jinja-shrine (6-1 Motomachi, Shiogama City, MIYAGI)

On April 20th 2024, the Hana-Akari Festival at Shiogama Jinja-shrine will be held where you can experience the shrine’s famed cherry blossoms under the evening light in a Light-Up Illumination style event.

At the heart of Motomachi in Shiogama’s downtown core, a lot of festival-associated events will be held.
Check out Shiogama Jinja-shrine for more details (in Japanese):  

BAR Danwashitsu (Evening Museum Bar)

On April 20th 2024, Danwashitsu, The Cafe of the Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art will be open until 8pm.

Alcoholic beverages will be served as part of the Hana-Akari Festival. Come and drop by to enjoy drinks and coffee in a relaxing Showa-vibe atmosphere.

Just outside, you can also enjoy the night breeze under the cherry blossom trees at the museum’s parking lot or at the museum building’s courtyard garden.

Date and time: April 20th 2024 (Sat) from 11am through 8pm

Please note that access to the museum’s exhibition space will be prohibited from 5 pm as per usual museum operating hours.

Place: Cafe Danwashitsu and the Museum Courtyard Garden
Address: Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art, Ground Floor (8-1 Motomachi, Shiogama, MIYAGI)

Prospective Menu

Alcoholic drinks:

Yuzu liquor from Urakasumi, a sake brewery based in Shiogama
(Available on the rocks or with soda):
600 yen

500 yen

Non-alcoholic drinks:  

Orange juice
450 yen (Dine-in)
300 yen (Take-out)

FENTIMANS Rose Lemonade
450 yen (Both Dine-in and Take-out)

Coffee and Darjeeling tea are also available in Hot or Iced variants
450 yen (Dine-in)
300 yen (Take-out)

We will also serve locally homemade cookies and sweets served by Sion, a local independent confectioner based in Miyagi. Prices vary between 300 to 380 yen per item.