Ink wash (sumi-e) painting workshop “Let’s paint a huge tree with ink wash!”



Date: Sunday August 6th, 2017
Hours: 13:00-15:00
Location: Auditorium
Entrance fee: 500 yen
Reservations are required

This museum is surrounded by a luscious amount of huge trees that include an over 270-year-old cherry blossom tree and a Japanese Zelkova tree growing nearby. Such wonderful natural landscapes draw inspiration for great paintings, one well-known kind to Japan in particular is ink wash, or Sumi-e.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, everyone is welcome to join. Come and discover the mesmerizing techniques of Sumi-e, taught by well-known ink wash painter Emi Ichinoseki. You will draw a huge tree on a large paper by learning skills such as the monochrome shading and watery ink effects. In this workshop, you will discover a new dimension of the attractive Sumi-e world.

*Recommended for participants ages 7 and above.
*Please either bring your apron or clothes that you would not mind having them become dirty. 
*You are welcome to take home your work after the workshop. 
* If you have your own Japanese calligraphy tools, please bring them.

For applications, please call 022-362-2555 or click here to fill out our application form.


Instructor’s profile: Emi Ichinoseki

Emi is a self-taught Sumi-e (wash ink) painter from Sendai City. After working as a graphic designer, she was once under the mentorship of contemporary Sumi-e painter Masako Yamazaki in the late 1990s, and has since been exhibiting her works both at home and abroad.

Her designs have also been featured in various works such as packaging for Japanese sake makers such as Miyagi Prefecture’s own Ichinokura, and Shiogama CIty’s own Urakasumi brands of sake.

While she also designs “tenugui” hand towels and other accessories, she is trying to spread the joy of Sumi-e culture by teaching the craft at schools and nursing facilities.

Translated by JUNBI Supporter (Naoko Sakazume, SAT De Los Angeles)