How to get to the museum from Hon-Shiogama Station



①This is the north exit of Hon-Shiogama Station on the JR Senseki Line. From here, pass through the North exit called “Jinjasandōguchi (神社参道口)” which means the shrine approach towards Shiogama Shrine. If you take a taxi, you can find a taxi pool here or at the Marine Gate exit on the south side of the station.

②Turn left and keep walking straight along the road.

③There will be guide signboards on your way that will help you get to the museum. Follow accordingly.

④On the way, you will see the “Ichibankan” building (picture below.)

Turn left (Southbound) past the traffic light crossing and walk towards the shopping street. You will see a vegetable shop on your right.

Walk for a few moments until you see the “Eitaro” cake shop. At the T-junction, turn right and keep walking straight (Westbound.)

You will see the “Urakasumi” sake warehouse on your way, indicated by a large signboard.

⑤If you’re arriving by car, there is free parking at the museum grounds. However, if it is full, you can use the “Times” coin parking service in front of the sake warehouse. Special discounts and reduced fares are offered to museum visitors.

⑥After walking for 100 meters from the warehouse or from “Times” parking, you will reach a crossing surrounded by pedestrian traffic lights. On your left will be Okama Shrine, and the historical building “Kyu-Ebiyaryokan” on your right. During special exhibitions, you will also see museum flags such as this pictured as landmarks to the museum.

⑦Turn left from Okama Shrine and walk uphill.

Once you see a flight of stairs, go up. You will find the museum on the top, as indicated by a sign. Please note that the path can be very steep. Please take precaution. By car, drive uphill. On the way you will find a temple on your left.

We are looking forward to your visit!

This venue is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know in advance if you need any assistance accessing the museum and its facilities.

Translated by JUNBI Supporter (Naoko Sakazume, SAT De Los Angeles)