SWEET COLLABORATION: Chocolaterie CLEAUVENTERRE and the Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art’s Limited Edition Special Chocolate Box



In commemoration of the exhibition celebrating the 110th anniversary of Jun Sugimura’s birth, we are selling a limited edition original two-piece chocolate box set. It includes chocolate truffles reflecting the image of a pomegranate, one of his favorite and signature painting motifs. This special sweet treat is prepared in collaboration with Shiogama’s own local chocolaterie CLEAUVENTERRE.

Each box contains two pieces of chocolate – one that bears the characteristics and resemblance of a pomegranate and the other, a poire-flavored chocolate;

The pomegranate truffle is inspired by the fruit’s oil paintings found in Sugimura’s works, where it carries an orange marble color. The cranberry and raspberry jelly found in the chocolate’s core represents the fruit’s inner flesh, while the pomegranate extract is used in the outer layer to add flavor.

Meaning pear in French, the “Poire” truffle is infused with pear brandy ganache cream inside.

Available for purchase at the museum’s reception desk for 520 yen including tax. Located at the second floor (2F) for four days only at the following dates, or until supplies last:

The weekends of November 18th and 19th, and December 9th and 10th 2017 (both Saturday and Sunday).

Translated by JUNBI Supporter (Naoko Sakazume, SAT De Los Angeles)