Special Exhibition: Jun Sugimura – Legend about Presence and Absence of Objects “Rhythm of the Sea”


“Aoi Lanpu” (Blue Lamp) 1969 F80 Owned by Sendai City

Special Exhibition:
Jun Sugimura – Legend about Presence and Absence of Objects “Rhythm of the Sea”

Date: Saturday September 8th through Sunday October 28th, 2018
Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Closed on Mondays (except for National Holidays which fall on a Monday, in which case the museum is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday instead).

Admission (permanent collection + special exhibition):
For individuals
Adults: 500 yen
University and high school students: 400 yen
Museum member discount: 300 yen
Junior high school students and under: free

For groups of 20 or more
Adults: 400 yen
University and high school students: 320 yen
Junior high school students and under: free
University and high school students are admitted free to the exhibition on Saturday, September 8th.
Please note that for visitors with special needs and one accompanied person, they can receive a 50% discount for admission. Please let us know upon your visit.


History of his creation reflecting the landscapes and culture of Shiogama

After settling in Shiogama City around 1955, Jun Sugimura gathered together everyday objects of of various shapes, textures, sizes, and colors to create his vivid and strong impressionistic paintings.
Covering a wide variety of items found in post-war Japan such as gas lamps, liquor bottles, local fish, vegetables, and fruits on the table, Sugimura’s style of arranging them and bringing to life in his paintings became his first step into establishing and honing his style of art. His initial paintings would help him become the renowned still life painter from Shiogama.
In this period, Sugimura also paid attention to capturing the landscapes of the port town of Shiogama in his paintings. In the process, he left us many masterpieces which impressed his townsfolk as well as the old master of modern landscape painting in Japan, the late Shoichiro Nushi, a member of the prestigious Japan Art Academy.

With the generous support from Sendai City, we are delighted to showcase a part of this collection and also the collection from the City of Shiogama under the theme of “Rhythm of the Sea” featuring the group of his works based on the sketches of the landscapes and culture of Shiogama and neighboring Matsushima Bay at the time from the mid-1950s.
Combined together with works from our permanent exhibition, we hope that this exhibition can invite you to the creative world of Jun Sugimura.

Uramachi no Hato (Pigeons of the Backstreets) will be exhibited in the permanent exhibition room

Uramachi no Hato (Pigeons of the Backstreets) 1959 F50, Owned by the Miyagi Museum of Art, Reproduction printed on canvas

In this work, you can find scenes of the backstreets of Minato-machi looking out from his atelier located in front of the former Shiogama City Hall in Asahi-cho. The true worth of Sugimura’s art can be felt through the lyricism of this dynamic and sophisticated painting.
In cooperation with the Miyagi Museum of Art, we have an opportunity to exhibit this reproduction printed on canvas of Sugimura’s original work. It was based on his “Sketch of the Family and Their Dog with Hurried Steps in the Backstreet” also on display from the collection of Shiogama City.
Sugimura seldom showed his production process. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into his inspirations through his affection for common motifs.

Commentary by Yutaka Sugimura (Honorary president of Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art)



Shutaku (Table Arrangement in the Autumn) 1982 F100, Owned by Sendai City


Nishin (Herrings) c. 1947 P10 Owned by Sendai City
※All exhibited works owned by Sendai City are included in the collected paintings ”Honorary Citizen of Sendai City Jun Sugimura Exhibition −Legend about Presence and Absence of Objects−” (Published by Sendai City).

Jun Sugimura (Oil painter 1907-2001)
Visitors to Shiogama’s Sugimura Jun Museum of Art step into the world of oil painter Jun Sugimura, whose meticulous eye for detail won him great respect as a still life artist. Sugimura settled in Shiogama shortly after WWII and produced a large body of work. His connection to the port town is reflected in his paintings, which depict freshly caught fish and other maritime motifs. The gallery’s permanent collection presents a variety of still lives as well as “Portrait of the Woman,” for which he was recognized at the inaugural Kahoku Art Exhibition (formerly the Tohoku Art Exhibition). Come experience the timeless beauty of Sugimura’s style, which lends weight and dignity to everyday objects.

Sakana no aru Kozu (Still Life/Screen Composition with Fish) 1954 F80, Owned by Shiogama City


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