Machi to Kioku to Eigakan



Machi to Kioku to Eigakan
Today and Yesterday: The living theatre of hometown memories

Original in Japanese

As Japan’s Showa Era was taking shape over 70 years ago, many public spaces for Shiogama’s local residents were created in Motomachi, a downtown district in the heart of this port city.

For instance, there was the local community centre where this museum is now located today. In the early 1950s, there were also many moviehouses which once existed.

Built by large Japanese film studios such as Nikkatsu, Shochiku and Toei, the moviehouse became a precious resource – not only for entertainment, but also to pick up cultural inspiration. More importantly, it also became a place where people from many walks of life can all meet, and a place where families can come together in between everyone’s busy schedules.

The moviehouse was the place to experience abrupt encounters, have enriching conversations, and to forge strong connections. This was a place where many fond memories were made and are now cherished by the people who live and have lived here. This years edition of Machi to Kioku takes us to that time – showcasing photographs which have been digitally restored and captured the spirit and euphoria of that time when the moviehouse was that one-of-a-kind space, creating a nostalgic ambience that many long-time residents have longs for.

At Machi to Kioku, there are many things for you to discover. Learn how this port community’s physical and cultural landscape have both vastly changed in the past seven decades from the people who lived to witness, experience and live it.

As we cross over through the eras of Heisei and into Reiwa, this exhibit also hopes to build a community of people where you can forge new memories that transcends languages, nationalities and differences – all through recreating the ambience and mood that movie houses once had.

Special events at Machi to Kioku to Eigakan

You are invited to share this rich cultural experience together with us here at the Sugimura Jun Museum of Art here in Shiogama City. Here are some events which will be happening at this special exhibition series from April 30th to June 16th 2019:

A Nostalgic Perspective Of Shiogama: A Photo Exhibition

The flagship event at Machi to Kioku to Eigakan, this photo exhibition showcases digitally restored photographs of many of Shiogama’s cultural scenery which this place is known for, from the evolution of the port townscape, the various Shinto Shrine festivals, up to the spoken word and archived narratives from locals captured by the late photographer Soujyu Baba between the years of 1945 and 1974. We hope that this exhibition can invite you to learn about a landmark time in Shiogama and the Tohoku regions local history which many longtime locals have a sense of nostalgia which they always crave for.

In addition, a supplementary exhibition of retro movie posters from the 1970s and 80s will be on display. These pieces were donated from members of the now-defunct Shiogama Toei Movie Theater.

2Date: Holiday Tuesday April 30th through Sunday June 16th 2019
Hours: 10:00–17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Closed Mondays

At special exhibition room of Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (Shiogama City), 30 minutes east of Sendai. Map

Admission (incl. permanent collection)
• Adults: 200 yen
• High school students: 100 yen
• Museum member, Junior high school students and under: Free

Groups (20 or more)
• Adults: 160 yen
• High school students: 80 yen
• Junior high school students and under: Free
Contact us: sugimurajun-museum☆  ☆→@

Memories in Circulation: A giveaway of retro animated movie flyers from the 1980s.
With famous animated TV series produced such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and more, The Toei Animation Company (Toei) has produced shows that are loved by many people in Japan and around the world.

For several decades in postwar Japan from the late 1960s to 1990s, Toei produced a festival showcasing the studio’s most interesting original work. Screened in Shiogama’s many movie theatres, this much-adored cultural event has been considered nostalgic by longtime residents of this port town.

Making a comeback after nearly three decades of indefinite hiatus, this festival will return in the form of an exhibition featuring advertisement flyers of what is known as the Shiogama Toei Movie Theater.

Come and uncover a page of Shiogama City’s cultural history. This rare historical event from the mid-Showa Era is available for the public to see for a limited time only. If you are lucky, you can take home a copy for yourself and capture a memory of this historical theatre.

Translated by JUNBI Supporters