Special Exhibition: Jun Sugimura – The Legend of the Presence and Absence of Objects “Rhythm of the Atelier”


“Chikyugi no aru Seibutsu” (A Globe in Still Life) 1975 F80 Property of the City of Sendai


Special Exhibition:
Jun Sugimura – The Legend of the Presence and Absence of Objects
“Rhythm of the Atelier”

Date: Saturday November 23th, 2019 through Sunday January 19th, 2020
Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Closed on Mondays (except for January 13th), on January 14th and during the New Year holidays of December 28th to January 4th)

Admission (permanent collection + special exhibition):
For individuals
Adults: 500 yen
University and high school students: 400 yen
Museum member discount: 300 yen
Junior high school students and under: free
Discount for museum members and people with special needs.
Please note that for visitors with special needs and one accompanied person, they can receive a 50% discount for admission. Please let us know upon your visit.

For groups of 20 or more
Adults: 400 yen
University and high school students: 320 yen
Junior high school students and under: free

Sazankuosu no Uta (A Southern Cross Poem) 1977 F50, Property of the City of Shiogama

After settling in Shiogama City around 1955, Jun Sugimura gathered together everyday objects of various shapes, textures, sizes, and colors to create his vivid and strong impressionistic paintings.
Made possible with the generous support from the City of Sendai and the Museum of Kamei Collection, we will not only exhibit exclusive paintings but also the first draft of sketches of his work. Together these creative pieces will help you understand Sugimura’s world better.
With this special exhibit and wandering through our combined in-house collection of works and a replica of his art studio, experience the secrets to Sugimura’s creative process and how he brings his motifs to life – from the atelier to the canvas.
You are invited to step into the creative world of Jun Sugimura, and by extension, learn about Shiogama’s unique heritage as one of Miyagi’s historical port town.


Sketch (Still Life) An Excerpt 305×375mm, Property of the Museum of Kamei Collection

Jun Sugimura (Oil painter 1907-2001)
Visitors to Shiogama’s Sugimura Jun Museum of Art step into the world of oil painter Jun Sugimura, whose meticulous eye for detail won him great respect as a still life artist. Sugimura settled in Shiogama shortly after WWII and produced a large body of work. His connection to the port town is reflected in his paintings, which depict freshly caught fish and other maritime motifs. The gallery’s permanent collection presents a variety of still lives as well as “Portrait of the Woman,” for which he was recognized at the inaugural Kahoku Art Exhibition (formerly the Tohoku Art Exhibition). Come experience the timeless beauty of Sugimura’s style, which lends weight and dignity to everyday objects.

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Translated by JUNBI Supporters