“Kurashi no Ichi: The Summer 2019 Edition” : Shop Information



A local farmer’s and handicraft market to enrich your daily life!

Date: Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th, 2019
Market hours: 10:00–15:00
Place: At the auditorium and lecture room of the Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (Shiogama City), 30 minutes east of Sendai.

“Kurashi no Ichi” is a local farmer’s and handicraft market under the theme of “Enrich your daily life with wisdom and fresh ideas”.
You will find attractive food stands furnished by local stores, featuring locally-grown vegetables, tableware, woodworks, antique goods, handmade goods, plants and so on.
This event is sure to freshen and spice up your everyday life!

Admission is free but some workshops require an application and an entrance fee to join. More information about the workshop, please check this.
Please use the special parking space or public transport to come to the venue.

Shops available on both days (July 6th and 7th)
Kotori Coffee (bread, baked sweets, coffee beans)
Sweet Spice Asano (kakigori/shaved ice and baked sweets)
1to2 BLDG (baked sweets, coffee, household goods)
La Maison Rose (vegan baked sweets)
BOOK WITH CAFE MARY COLIN (picture books, beverages, baked sweets)
book cafe Kasei no Niwa (used books)

Shops available on July 6th only
Sabusawa Nouen (fresh vegetables)
Tezukuri Kobo Noripi (specialized handmade fabric )
m&i (kids clothes and fabric goods)
zizi / MEGUR (embroidery goods and accessories)
tetowa (fabric goods)
Patahonya (handmade and customized notebooks)
ACORN (dried flower wreath, floral swag ornaments)
Kogin mameco (traditional Japanese hand embroidery)
Shoei (wooden goods)
Okadaya no Nichijo (housekeeping tips and advice)
CHAIR BANK plus (stools and leftover fabric scraps)

Shops available on July 7th only
Jolis Biscuits (icing cookies)
Curry and vegetable dishes Kohki (curry)
Craft Kurumi no Heya (baskets and fabric goods)
Hana warashi (knitted goods)
my ma mine (fabric goods)
Furyo (products include fabric goods. A tenugui hat workshop is also offered.)
*At the workshop, you can make a hat using a tenugui, a Japanese cotton towel. Workshop costs 1,000 yen (material cost) and you can join at any time.
Botanical People (flower and plants)
Ryoko Horie (ceramics)
hokaw studio/Decoeur (ceramics, fabric goods, accessories)
Kurashi wo Tanoshimu Chiisana Noen (organic vegetable and housekeeping tips)

Please check our website for the latest information on Kurashi no Ichi:

For more information and to obtain a workshop application, please call 022-362-2555 or e-mail us: e-mail

While you’re here, please do visit our annual summer-long exhibition where we showcase works from up and coming young Japanese contemporary artists in a series called “Voyage — Young Artists Support Program” .The exhibit can be found at the museum’s special exhibition room on the 2nd floor.

Translated by JUNBI Supporters