Kurashi no Ichi: The Summer 2023 Edition




“Kurashi no Ichi” is a local farmer’s and handicraft market under the theme of “Enrich your daily life with wisdom and fresh ideas”. You will find attractive stands furnished by local stores, featuring box lunches, breads, locally-grown vegetables, tableware, woodworks, antique goods, handmade goods, plants and so on. This event is sure to freshen and spice up your everyday life!

Date: Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd, 2023
Market hours: 10:00–15:00
Place: Shiogama Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (Motomachi 8-1, Shiogama)

Please use the special parking space or public transport to come to the venue.

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Admission is free but some workshops require an application and an entrance fee to join. 

Special events on both days (July 22nd and 23rd)
“Bread Market” : featuring a variety of bakeries such as Kotori Coffee, Mugigoya, Schomaker, TARO BAKERY, hori pan, and Yama Bagel.
Please check out the time schedule: https://sugimurajun.shiomo.jp/archives/10368

Contact us:sugimurajun-museum●shiomo.jp(●=@)
Translated by JUNBI Supporters